Criminal Defense Lawyers
With Experience On The Other Side

At Johnston & McLean PLLC, our defense attorneys know how the other side works. Attorney Bill Johnston is a former federal prosecutor with a stellar record. Attorney Calvin McLean was an investigative cop who trained other Texas cops. Together, we provide a formidable defense when you are facing state or federal charges. We also have solid experience with successfully achieving our clients’ goals in defamation and privacy cases as well for those contending with Title IX litigation.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Defamation And Privacy

Defamation And Privacy

Title IX Litigation

Title IX Litigation

Aggressive, Ethical Representation For Clients Throughout The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, The Houston Metropolitan Area, And Central Texas For More Than 30 Years

Trial Lawyers Who Take
Charge In The Courtroom

Our attorneys have firsthand knowledge of Texas’ tough criminal justice system. We have been on both sides of the courtroom. We were really, really good on the other side. We are even better at upholding justice when law enforcement has pushed the edge and stepped on your protected rights. We use the law to safeguard your rights. We take charge in the courtroom with an aggressive, intelligent approach.

Whether you are facing charges for tax fraud, money laundering, drug dealing, mail and wire fraud, drunk driving, weapons offenses or murder, our attorneys will help you understand the charges you are facing and your legal options. We will investigate the nature of your arrest, speak with witnesses, including various forensic experts, and gather records to create a strong defense. We do not guarantee the outcome of your case, no attorney can, but we commit to exploring every possibility to dismiss or reduce charges, minimize penalties and seek alternative sentencing, including probate.

Everybody Needs A Good Lawyer.
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When you or your business has been victimized by fraud or other crimes, you need a seasoned advocate in your corner. Our attorneys will help you with defamation and privacy matters. With more than 30 years of experience negotiating and litigating cases before state and federal courts, our lawyers stand ready to provide representation to defend and protect your interests.

Our investigative services also include helping clients who have gotten no traction with law enforcement, such as in cold cases or suicide investigations.

Our attorneys are also experienced with the full scope of Title IX claims. We represent claimants and respondents in these types of sophisticated cases, including students, athletes, school systems, state universities and private colleges.

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We lean into more than three decades of successful experience in state and federal courts to serve you. We are committed to the highest ethics and aggressive legal representation, no matter your legal problem.

Bill Johnston

Calvin McLean
Attorneys Calvin G. McLean and William W. Johnston

When Your Reputation Is At Stake

At Johnston & McLean PLLC, our lawyers know both sides of the criminal justice system and we will fight for the most favorable outcome in your case.