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Defending Your Reputation

Defamation can take many forms. Perhaps someone has accused you of something you didn’t do. Or a disgruntled employee is spreading malicious information about your business. Maybe you or your business are being maligned online. Whatever form it takes, Johnston & McLean PLLC is here to protect your name and your character. It may seem easier to ignore an online comment about your company, but your reputation is at risk and you can’t afford to have your integrity called into question in public.

Even the hint of impropriety can ruin your career and affect your personal life. Slander and libel are two forms of defamation. Slander applies in cases of oral statements while libel refers to written. If you have suffered losses because of inaccurate or misleading statements, let us make sure your reputation is protected. Many of our clients come to us after they have exhausted their efforts in trying to get help from law enforcement. We have the resources to conduct our own investigation on your behalf in order to make sure all the facts are presented in your case.

Protecting Your Privacy

We can discreetly work on your behalf behind the scenes in a variety of scenarios where you want to maintain your privacy. We routinely conduct fraud investigations on behalf of clients. We also work on cold cases. Often, law enforcement drops a case due to limited staffing and other resources. We can conduct an investigation on behalf of family members and present any compelling evidence to the investigating entity in order to encourage them to reopen the case. We also assist in suicide investigations where family members suspect foul play. If our investigation turns up evidence that the death may have been something other than suicide, we will turn the case over to the authorities.

Take Action Today

If you have been the target of defamation, or to discuss initiating an investigation into a closed case, contact Johnston & McLean PLLC at 972-854-7608 to set up a consultation, or send us an email.