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Other Noteworthy Cases

Texas attorney Bill Johnston has both prosecuted and defended many significant cases over the years. A few that stand out include the following:

  • Johnston handled the first federal jury trial in the United States where mitochondrial DNA was used as evidence against a defendant in United States vs. Law. In the case of United States vs. Pierson, Bill prosecuted the first case under the new Violence Against Women Act. The case involved a bomb sent through the mail to the defendant’s estranged wife.
  • Johnston prosecuted an American named Sammy Leldon Urick for the offense of Foreign Travel in Aid of Murder for Hire. Urick was a conspirator of rogue CIA Officers Frank Terpil and Edmund Wilson who provided explosives to Libyan agents for use in acts of terrorism against American servicemen in Berlin, Germany.
  • Johnston was one of the first federal prosecutors to work actively inside Mexico in an investigation of international drug trafficking. The cases involved a Mexican attorney who has shipped several tons of cocaine from Colombia, through Mexico to the United States.
  • Johnston investigated and favorably resolved a multimillion-dollar fraud case in Brazil and the United States. The case involved fraud committed by the largest landowners in Brazil who defrauded a prominent American bank and an individual from Texas. The case required significant work in Brazil where American agents and their Brazilian counterparts assisted Johnston in recovering missing funds.