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Understanding Title IX

Title IX, enacted by Congress in 1972, provides that individuals cannot be subjected to discrimination on the basis of sex at any school or university that receives any federal funds. The Supreme Court has made clear that under Title IX, students may seek money damages from schools that have been deliberately indifferent to risks of sexual assault or harassment by teachers, staff or fellow students, even if the offense occurred off campus.

At Johnston & McLean PLLC, we work with clients whose Title IX rights have been violated, as well as with clients defending themselves against a Title IX complaint. Regardless of whether you have been accused of a Title IX violation or have experienced one, the fallout from the damage to your reputation can be life-altering. We will conduct our own investigation on your behalf and lead negotiations for a discreet settlement. If necessary, we will bring our litigation experience to the table.

Examples of Title IX violations include:

  • Sexual harassment and coercion
  • The failure to provide equal athletic opportunity
  • Sex-based discrimination in a school’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses
  • Gender bias in the workplace

Helping Victims

If you have been the victim of a Title IX violation, we can help. Schools, universities and other entities receiving federal funds are legally required to respond to and remedy hostile educational environments or they could risk losing federal funding. We will ensure they comply with the law.

Defending The Accused

If you have been charged with a Title IX violation, we can help. Attorneys Johnston and McLean have represented schools, universities and students involved in Title IX cases. If you are a student facing a Title IX disciplinary investigation, your future can be at stake. Without proper representation, the charges could follow you for the rest of your academic career and into your post-college life. You need an attorney to represent your best interests.

Experienced Title IX Lawyers

If you are involved in a Title IX case, having an experienced attorney on your side is important. Bill Johnston has successfully represented clients in Title IX actions. He teamed up with lawyers from the Boulder, Colorado firm of Hutchinson, Black and Cook, LLC, in connection with a claim involving Baylor University in 2015. To find out more about Title IX, call Johnston & McLean PLLC at 972-854-7608 or email us today.