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Bill Johnston

Ever since his time as a federal prosecutor, Bill Johnston has creatively used the law to solve murders, fraud cases, and find missing persons. The McDuff and Patterson cases are examples of this type of work. As Texas Monthly author Gary Cartwright said, “Bill’s style has often produced spectacular results”. Since being in private practice, Bill has continued to utilize legal remedies and procedures to try to solve crimes. Bill and a team of investigators were hired by the family of a Central Texas woman whose preacher husband had claimed she had killed herself. A small police agency bought the preacher’s story hook, line and sinker. A one-year investigation conducted by Bill Johnston and a team of investigators proved otherwise. Utilizing some of the nation’s best forensic experts in fields such as toxicology, computer technology, and crime scene reconstruction, it was established that the preacher had murdered his wife. Bill sued the preacher for wrongful death and used civil discovery techniques to establish the facts. The case was then handed to the local district attorney’s office who successfully prosecuted the preacher. Baker is currently serving 50 years in a Texas penitentiary.

In another case, Bill helped conduct an investigation into a Texas woman who claimed her husband had been murdered during a burglary. The investigation showed that the burglary had been staged and that the wife shot her husband to death. Joyce Sturdivant is likewise serving 50 years.

A Texas businessman and a prominent American bank were defrauded of millions of dollars by a Brazilian man who fraudulently sold collateral pledged on a note. Bill traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, three times to work on the case. With the help of the United States Secret Service in Brazil, the case was settled favorably.